medical intuition

How to become a healer: medical intuition

medical intuition

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Do you have the ability to know what’s wrong with someone without them telling you? Does your intuition show you where a person has a problem in their body? Can you see or feel the source of a health problem in a person without being told where it is?

What if I told you it’s possible to learn this technique yourself so that you could help people?

If you’re one of the world’s needed healers, medical intuition is one of the energy healing techniques you can use to add depth to your healing practice.

Having medical intuition means you can perceive things using your intuition about the condition of a human body (or animals, plants, or even the Earth), and then focus your healing work exactly where it’s needed.

As a professional medical intuitive myself, this is a technique I use often for my clients. Once I am guided to the source of the problem, I can then use a number of energy healing techniques such as cell organ regeneration, holographic healing, or various activations to restore the cellular vibration to what it was prior to the damaging event.

My clients have experienced relief from pain, improvement of breathing, relief from chronic constipation, healing of excessive sneezing, improved vision, reduction of swelling, spinal alignment and more from techniques I was guided by my intuition to use.

You, as a client, can experience the relief you’ve been seeking and haven’t been able to find from this technique in our sessions together.

You, as a healer, will help more people on a deeper level by learning to use your medical intuition.

This is one of the many techniques included in my apprenticeship teaching you how to become a healer. A few spaces remain for my Alchemy Universal Therapies program. Contact me to apply at or 970-566-2402.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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