healing across galaxies

How to become a healer: healing across galaxies

healing across galaxies

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Have you ever had reiki, healing touch, quantum touch or any energy healing techniques like that?

Those techniques are wonderful for some healing and they definitely have their place, but for me, I find that they don’t go deep enough.

The techniques that I use create lasting, DNA-deep change because they can go beyond what’s local to the client—even beyond the planet.

For example, I have some clients who have ET DNA from multiple star systems and many galaxies in their genetic makeup.

This DNA was spliced in to the clients’ DNA systems at conception by a galactic team. It was done in order to send volunteers from the Galactic Federation of Light to the Earth to live as humans and to help the collective healing of the planet.

But the ET DNA that was spliced-in was accidentally tainted with the traumas those star systems and galaxies experienced in their histories. And my clients are experiencing unexplainable, previously unfixable problems as these emotional memories are brought to the surface.

In order to heal the issues my clients are having, we have to send healing beyond this plane of existence. So one of the energy healing techniques I use is to call in the appropriate ET healing team and assist them in clearing the traumatic memories and emotions from my client’s Star DNA. This healing happens across galaxies and star systems so that my client ends up with perfectly clear Star DNA.

When their Star DNA is cleared they experience a range of things from having more energy, to being more in alignment with their authentic selves, to decreased pain and inflammation, to increased range of motion and circulation, and even more. Their transformations help them feel better, perform better, sleep better, make more money and have better relationships. It’s amazing really.

If you want to know how to become a healer to learn techniques like this and more, visit my Energy School page and contact me at pat4bs@msn.com or 970-566-2402 for an application.

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