cosmic helpers

How to become a healer: cosmic healing techniques in Fort Collins

cosmic helpers

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You’ve probably heard that you have some spirit guides and angels that are with you throughout your whole life, and others that come in temporarily to help you with specific lessons.

You may not know that you also have ETs and light beings from other galaxies who are here (some as invisible beings, some as humans) to assist you.

These ETs are benevolent beings here to help heal the Earth and raise the vibration of human consciousness.

To work with them, you need to be able to communicate with them in some way.

For example, a client came in for some healing work and I was shown that she has ET DNA from 7 different star systems.

When the ETs spliced their DNA in with human DNA, they thought it was clean—meaning, free of trauma or illness energy—but it wasn’t, and now this unclean ET DNA is causing her unexplainable problems in her life. That’s why she was seeing me. The ETs didn’t mean to do this, but it happened, so now we have to fix it.

As a healer, I can see the ETs to work with them, so when we began clearing the problems from the first star system, I saw a group of ETs enter the room and assist me in working to clear the diseased cosmic DNA from her lifeline.

With each star system that we worked on, a different group of ETs would come in to do their own healing work. It would have been impossible to help her heal without being aware of her damaged ET DNA and having the ET assistance to clear it.

This ET assistance is available to all healers who know how to use it. In my exclusive Alchemy Universal Therapies Apprenticeship, you learn how to work with ET assistance so that you can help clients heal chronic issues that they haven’t been able to heal any other way.

Apprenticeships available in Fort Collins or by phone/Skype. Contact me for an application at or 970-566-2402.

With Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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