cosmic consent

How to become a healer: cosmic consent

cosmic consent

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I am a volunteer for the Galactic Federation of Light and I have come here (with the other volunteers) to bring healing to the planet.

Since I found out about my cosmic DNA, I’ve been learning more about my clients having ET DNA as well. You know how you tend to attract people like you or who need your help? That’s what’s happening. They need assistance integrating their ET DNA and living joyful lives.Many of them are also volunteers with the Federation, or there are some pure humans who have intergalactic access.

Because of my galactic origins (and those of so many of my clients), we are plugged into a network of ETs who are purely Light and Love who come to assist when necessary.

These cosmic helpers can help apprentices absorb their lessons and understand their gifts more deeply, assist healers in getting to the root of their clients’ problems, and help clients integrate their healing and hold the higher vibration between sessions—but, ETs only work with you if you make a request and give your consent.

In my Alchemy Universal Therapies Energy School, you learn many things, but some of the more powerful energy healing techniques include:
• how to work with 100% Light and Love to protect yourself and your clients
• how to work with ET healers and give consent for their assistance
• how to safely help your clients allow permission for ET healing

and much more. For those who are curious about how to become a healer and work with loving, benevolent ETs, check out my healer training apprenticeship program and contact me at or 970-566-2402 with questions or for an application.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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