avoid healing

How to become a healer: avoid healing!

avoid healing

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I have gotten a lot of advice and been through many teachings in my life. But one of the best pieces of advice I ever got was about becoming something knew and finding my purpose (kind of both rolled up in one).

Someone once told me that if I wanted to become something (for example, a healer) and to know if it was my life’s purpose, the best thing for me to do was try to avoid doing it.

That seems counterintuitive, but let me tell you, it works!

Here’s why: if you have a Soul contract or Soul purpose, if the Creator wants you to serve a certain purpose in your lifetime, or if you signed a contract to do this work while you were in the planning stages of your lifetime, then there’s no way you CAN’T do it.

No matter how much you turn your back on doing healing work and taking your place among the healers who are here to bring Light, Love and Healing to the planet and the galaxy, you’ll constantly and continuously be presented with opportunities where you have to do the healing work.

You can push it down, set it aside, and ignore it, but it won’t work. If you are supposed to learn how to be a healer, then you’ll learn it no matter how hard you try to get away from it.

So, that’s a good test to do if you’re unsure about your true Soul purpose in this lifetime. Try your hardest to ignore and avoid the work you’re wondering about. You’ll find out in a very short time if it’s meant to be or not.

Then, when you’re sure that being a healer is your path (or even if it’s just something you’re interested in and want to do on the side, I can help. I created a unique healer training program or you can contact me at pat4bs@msn.com or 970-566-2402 with questions.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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