how do healers work?

How do healers work?

how do healers work?

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If you’ve had an energy healing session with a healer before, you know that a healing session itself is very mild and can be somewhat nondescript.

As the client, you lie on a massage table fully clothed and possibly covered by a light blanket.

Your job is simply to relax and allow yourself to receive the healing that you need and that your Soul desires.

As the healer, I may use a light touch on parts of your body, or hover my hands just above your head, chest, or feet.

This seems very simple, but the real work is happening under the surface.

Healers like myself are tuned in to higher-dimensional energy, and we often work with the assistance of angels, spiritual guides, or ETs for a deeper level of healing.

As a medical intuitive, I can sense what’s wrong with people and how to fix it.

Disease is, in essence, a disturbance within the body that impairs communication at the cellular level.

By applying quantum energy healing to your body where it is needed, the flow of biological information within you becomes re-established allowing your body to repair itself.

Although this technology and these energy healing techniques may seem, on the surface, to be pure magic, it is in actuality merely a rational manipulation of energies, light and information in the quantum field that allows the healing to occur.

This type of healing energy works the same whether you are experiencing a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problem, regardless if the origin of the problem is with you in this lifetime or with an ancestor in your lineage many generations ago.

If you are experiencing problems or ill health that won’t resolve themselves no matter what you try, then you should try a Quantum Energy Healing session immediately to experience the relief, abundance, and joy you deserve. Contact me at or 970-566-2402 to schedule your session.

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