Heeding the signs, ET Healing and other inexplicable truths

You know when you hear an unexplainable story that can’t possibly be true, but yet the hair on your neck stands up? That sense alert is a sign that you should pay attention. It’s a signal from your body that more information is available to you. There’s something going on.

Talking with experienced healers like Pat Forbes will change your mind about skepticism. The phenomena of ET Healing that some might label crazy contains deep and powerful truth. And the truth is: Pat is a deeply powerful healer. She receives messages from higher-dimensional beings. This information can resolve deeply embedded problems that you’ve been struggling with for years.

You’ll recognize this power when you speak with her. Pat knows things. She radiates a sensation of warmth and light. The space she works in is very nurturing and safe.

She is here, offering these talents to you. Won’t you receive this gift?

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