Heart of Darkness, ET Healing Can Release Curses

Now is a time of energetic shifts. Monumental changes are afoot.

Pat Forbes, Medical Intuitive and ET Healer, has begun a new protocol for healing ancient curses. Here she explains the origin.

“I saw a vision from way back in the beginning of the Catholic Church. In the beginning the Church combined with the Reptilian Empire called State. These dark beings were bad guys. Through coercion, the Church forced the pagans and tribal people to join. I saw how these curses affected the person; their blood turned black and it started changing their DNA. So all their lineage carries the curses right up to modern times. This is true whether the person was baptized or not. That is how the darkness spread throughout the planet. This is created the levels of victimization and fear and powerlessness that’s been happening on this planet.

“Most recently I have been getting information on how to release curses. When Church and State combined, they created a hologram of a curse that is still used every time they bless somebody. I saw the patterns on the ends of these crosses, the hologram is at the bottom. Whenever they would bless somebody, this curse would go through to that person.”

With information received from her ET friends (who battle the Reptilian Empire), she can unlock those holograms and release the curses. “I have to go back in a person’s lineage, both mom and dad, and clear the curse at the origin of the curse. It was so powerful back then. So you clear it through the lineage. Of course this is a free-will planet, all the ancestors can choose whether they’ve been cleared or not. But they have the opportunity to be cleared of this curse. Then that person is cleared and their children are cleared.”

Free yourself of the ancient darkness. Contact Pat today.

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