Healing Mind, Body and Spirit with Alchemy Universal Therapies

You know what it looks like when you cut your skin, but did you know your energy and spiritual body can also go awry? So many people have tears or rends in their energy body or spiritual body. It could come from an event like a surgery or car accident. Or, it might happen in a time of emotional crisis. When that happens you may experience a sensation of anxiety, disquiet, feeling like something is a little off. Sometimes people report that they have physical symptoms too. Pain where there shouldn’t be any, numbness or tingling that doesn’t correlate to disease, chronic conditions that don’t seem to heal are all reported examples that were resolved with spiritual/energetic healing.

If you have been through all the tests a medical doctor can offer and still don’t feel better, it might be time to try an alternative therapy. Pat offers a unique blend of spiritual healing and energy healing that work together to facilitate the balance that makes you truly feel better.

Health awaits, schedule an appointment today.

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