Healers and Witch Burnings

pic13If you read the Bible or study any modern history you will see men afraid of the power of women’s power. Women have always been holders of sacred power. They have always had an intuitive knowing about plants and herbs and the healing powers of that.

Touch has been the healing domain of women. Women have healed by being a conduit of energy between themselves and God, between themselves and the Universe. Touch, both maternal and sexual, carries great undeniable power and men have been afraid of it because they don’t have access to it.

Men’s fear of women’s power has healers resulted in hundreds of years of witch burnings. Women’s power is inherent and powerful.

Thanks be to God the Creator that women can be healers without persecution today.

Now that it’s safe for you to come out as a healer, please contact me at Pat4bs@msn.comto find out how you can Apprentice with Alchemy Universal Therapies.

Image by Seth A Dennon

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