Healers Must Find the Underlying Cause

pic6Western Medicine has brought a lot of technology and gifts to increase the life span and improve our lifestyles.

However, they are often treating a side effect of something deeper. Thoughts and beliefs are often the underlying cause of a medical condition. The medical community can take the biopsy, they can prescribe medication, they can perform a surgery and administer chemo. And these methods can often keep a person alive.

But, they don’t deal with the emotional and spiritual cause of the medical condition. A true healer intuits the underlying cause—the belief, the curse, the misunderstanding of spiritual law, the generational pattern—and eliminates it.

To obtain true healing a healer, compassionately and lovingly, goes to the origination of the problem and resolves the issue.


If you need to find the original cause of a condition please email me at pat4bs@msn.com.

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