Healers Cast Out Demons

pic18Some Healers cast out demons when necessary. I teach this in Alchemy Universal Therapies Apprenticeship program to those that are ready for it and want to have this ability in their tool belt.

When Jesus met Mary Magdalene he earned her love and loyalty by casting out seven demons. We don’t learn very much about this experience in the text, but I’ve had enough experiences in my healing room to understand exactly what the Bible is talking about.

These are entities—usually only the most rudimentary forms of consciousness—which feed off the light of humans. They are looking for grief or sorrow, anger or resentment, unforgiveness and longing, that humans experience to get their energy from. Some are carried over through an inherited past.

A person, healthy and whole, might experience a legitimate reason to grieve. They may go through a divorce or suffer the death of a parent. And grieving is a natural, healthy response. But, if left too vulnerable without protection a demon can move in and increase the grief beyond what would be normal for the person. And they will make the person suffer even more, so that they can feed on it more.

People can command that these demons to leave, but often when a demon is present the person is too weakened to understand how to do this and to generate enough conviction to force the demon out. They can also be convinced that there is nothing wrong or that their symptoms are actually medical and will spend years going through medical testing to find the problem. Sometimes the influence can be so strong that a person doesn’t have the will power to believe in or to call on God for help.

I teach my healers how to do this in my apprenticeship program. Email me at pat4bs@msn.com to find out whether you need demon to be cast away.

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