Hands on healing

Hands on healing in person in Fort Collins

Hands on healing

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While there are many different energy healing techniques and modalities under lots of different names, there are really 2 main ways that energy healing work can be delivered: in person (which some people call “hands on healing”) and distance healing.

Distance healing is energy healing work that’s performed by the practitioner when the client is not physically present in the same location. We’ll go into this in more detail in another post.

In person energy healing happens when the client and practitioner are physically present in the same location at the same time. It can be hands off or hands on, or a combination of both.

You would make a Quantum Energy Healing appointment and come to my office in Fort Collins.

I have a healing room set up with a massage table and comfortable environment (soft lighting, background music, that sort of thing).

Before you arrive, I clear the room so that the energy is clear for you. Then I call in the healing team that will help me with your issues.

We have a short talk when you arrive about what problems you’re having that you want to work on and I would give you some basic info about what to expect in your session.

Then, I would have you lie on my massage table fully clothed and covered in a blanket (if you want it).

You are then welcome to close your eyes and drift off while I do my work. I may tell you what I’m noticing and what changes are being made if you wish to hear them as we go along.

I may touch you lightly on parts of your body, like putting my hands on your head, arms or feet.

I may be moving my hands in the air as I reach into other dimensions or areas around you where the light and information you need is stored.

Or, I might be standing still, not touching you and visualizing whatever is happening in my mind with my psychic eye as I watch the healing team doing their work to assist me with what you need.

This may also involve shifting energy around you—say, opening doorways—where you can move through life easier, get a better job, or take a target off your back so you don’t keep having certain types of accidents.

There are unlimited possibilities in how you can be assisted in receiving what you need.

Remember that we’re working with energy which can be adjusted, changed, and recalibrated with thoughts and intention so you’ll still feel the effects of my work whether I’m physically touching you or not.

You can experience your own relaxing, healing, transformational hands on healing session in my Fort Collins office at any time by clicking here.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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