Hands on Healing

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I tend to work with people as complete and whole entire beings, but a client comes in with a list of what’s wrong with them. I let them give me the list because it makes them feel better, and we put that all together into what we’re going to work on. Often when they get on the table, it looks like I’m off in a different direction than what they’ve said. Sometimes you have to go back to the original thing that happened to them–something as a kid, or past life or reincarnation–you’re shown a picture of a situation. Go to that point–you have to talk it through with the client.

What does it mean to you, do you have any memory of such and such – an ancestor shows me something from generations ago, or I may get that this is from a past life, something happened that is contributing to what’s happening now. Then I will go through that point and work there and then come forward in time with what we need to do to help the client. Often times now I have so much help with my guides, I get directed and they are standing around the table working on the client too.

A client had an accident with her arm, a cut, and no one could touch it. Even when she washes she’s very careful going on that arm. She had an accident when she was a teenager, now coming to me in her 40’s or 50’s.  When I  got to her arm, she was talking to me about something else & I had forgotten that she told me to be careful in that area as I didn’t want to hurt her arm.  We were both surprised that while working with that arm, there was no indicator of anything wrong with it. Working with her as being completely whole, she suddenly catches herself–what did you do? This doesn’t hurt, rubbed on it hard herself and it didn’t hurt and it stayed that way. I don’t know what happened–crazy little miracles.

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With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude

Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl