Full Moon Celebration – Spiritual Healing at Home

If you were reading this blog on March 29, you may have written down your goals for this month. As we explained before, the new moon phase is a good time to release what you no longer need. And now, hooray!, the full moon has come. Take the time as the moon rises tonight to write down what you do want to see. What changes are you hoping to manifest in the coming month or months?

After you have written them down, burn them. Using a fire pit or dish, release the energy from your intention into the Universe and then scatter the ashes back to the Earth. Doing so will combine the elements (as early alchemists did) that you need to create a new way of being. This tuning in to the comings and goings of the solar system, our immediate stellar neighborhood, is a way to channel your own spiritual healing.


May the Universe bless you.

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