stop the triage

Fort Collins energy healing techniques to stop the triage

stop the triage

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Many of my Fort Collins clients are regular clients, but some of them only come in when they have a problem and they want me to fix it.

I call this ‘triage’. My client comes in, tells me what’s going on, we do one session to fix the problem in the moment, and then the client is gone until the next thing is wrong.

I’m glad people are turning to energy healing techniques when they need help, but what would be most beneficial for them to stop the triage is to have several sessions with me in a row to make the changes permanent.

Part of what happens in a healing session is that I raise your vibration which eliminates the environment for the problem to exist (problems like pain, illness, injury or disease have a lower vibration. When the environment has a lower vibration, it is prime for attracting problems).

When I raise your vibration, it can take a few sessions for your body to be able to hold the higher vibration. If you just have one session, I still raise your vibration and transform the problem by changing the environment, but your body may not be able to hold the vibration and will return to a lower vibrational state which can attract problems again.

Imagine if you were to suddenly part your hair in a different way. If you parted it that way once, it most likely wouldn’t stay that way. You’d have to part it the new way many times in a row to make the change stick.

Holding a new vibration in your body and energy fields works the same way. We need to work together to train it to stay.

So, if you are experiencing a problem of some sort, definitely come in for a session. But also consider having several sessions in a short time to make your healing permanent. My Intergalactic Healing Journey 3-Month package might be just the thing you need for your next level of healing.

The Cosmic Cowgirl rides again!

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