Flat Stanley and Quantum Energy Healing Courses

newest6Some elementary energy healing courses, are flat, such as like Flat Stanley that children pass around the country through the mail as school projects. They manipulate energy in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional plane and they feel nice. I mean, energetically it feels like a hot bath or a great nap, which can both feel very nurturing and healing on a tired body and Soul.

Others, like Matrix Energetics and Organ Cell Regeneration have advanced to a fourth multi-level plane or multi-dimensional space and have even greater healing powers.

However, in the Quantum Energy Healing Courses I teach, I am able to show students how to advance into many more dimensions and planes of being. I’m being given new information daily, sometimes hourly even, new techniques and ways of healing than have ever been seen on Earth previously.

These deal in so many more areas of the human body, but also through all dimensions of time and space and consciousness. Having access to all of the dimensions of consciousness and being able to teach that in energy healing courses is critical to the salvation of the planet.

If you have any questions about this, please email me at pat4bs@msn.com. I’m always happy to support you.

Image courtesy of NASA

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