How to find your purpose

Find Your Purpose Using These Energy Healing Techniques

How to find your purpose

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Healing comes in many forms. It might be physical healing, spiritual healing, mental healing, emotional healing, financial healing, relationship healing and so much more.

Healing is really about getting clarity and bringing you back into alignment with your truth and your purpose.

When you are experiencing some form of dis-ease, illness, or injury, your vibration is low and you are blocking yourself from living in abundance.

Through the healing process, we will work with Consciousness Energy Healing techniques to restore you to your original blueprint—your best form for this lifetime.

When you integrate your healing and you experience transformation in body, mind, spirit and soul levels, you raise your vibration to attract your true purpose for existing in this lifetime.

That means no more wondering what you’re supposed to do. No more guessing why you’re here. No more frustration from floundering around not knowing your purpose.

Consciousness Healing works wonders for clearing away ancestral curses and emotional traumas that you may have carried forward into this lifetime and that are blocking you from your true life.

Using Quantum Healing, I am guided by the Creator to go back to the moment prior to a curse or trauma occurring to bring forth your original inherited DNA to now so that you experience the healing now. These changes are made in all dimensions so the problems do not happen again.

When you are clear of the problems and your vibration has been raised, you attract the health and abundance that is your right.

You experience the clarity that you have needed to understand what it is you are here to do because there are no longer the cellular or ancestral burdens that you’re carrying around.

Imagine finding your purpose and living your truth. Imagine the joy you’ll experience from that feeling.

If you can imagine it and believe it, you can experience it. Let’s start your healing process today. Contact me at or 970-566-2402 to schedule your first session. You have work to do.

With the Creator in Truth, Love, and Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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