Figure it Out with a Medical Intuitive

Some things respond very well to traditional medicine. Got strep throat? Anti-biotics are the thing. Broken arm? X-rays and a good cast will set you straight. Modern radiology is a technological miracle.

But there are some issues that medical science doesn’t really have answers for. You know you have hit that wall when your doctor says, “This is about as good as it will get for you.” Let that milquetoast answer serve as a red flag for you, signaling that it’s time to try an alternative healing method.

Energy Healing, ET Healing, Distance Healing are all excellent modalities to use instead. Even better, consult a Medical Intuitive who can simply sense where, what, why, and how to target the problems. Pat Forbes has always been able to feel just what was wrong and how best to approach it using energy healing.

Give her a try for your stubborn issues. You won’t regret it.

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