ETs Teach Energy Healing Techniques

new3Using Alchemy Universal Therapies energy healing techniques, I am able to tap into multi-dimensions to travel through time to the origination of an event.

For instance, I can return to the origin of a heart problem and make the corrections at that point, reversing it from happening. Time is not “real” in the sense that humans believe it to be, therefore, using methods and energy healing techniques taught to me by my ET brothers and sisters, I am able to Time Travel, in past, present and futures. I also travel through different lifetimes and other galaxies and even through generational lines, changing DNA to eliminate hereditary disease.

Because ETs are so committed to helping me with my healing work, when you work with me I teach you to call in ET-assistance when it is desired. These beings are very respectful of your energy and would never invade your energetic space without being called in, however they are also anxiously awaiting the call to help.

When you sign on for a Three Month Intergalactic Healing Journey ETs are available to assist you for the entire three month period when requested. It’s a service that other practitioners cannot offer.

Image courtesy of NASA

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