What do ETs look like? ET healing from benevolent beings

Pat describes what she sees during an ET Healing. “They look like shiny, ethereal human forms with angelic writing all over their bodies.” These angelic codes are the key to the work that needs to be done and are individualized for each person. The ET teams can begin relieving pain right away and setting up an open environment for healing during the first session with Pat. The ETs guide Pat, showing her what is already done and what still needs attention.

These higher-dimensional beings are here to help, but ours is a free-will planet. Humans must ask for help before it can be received. ETs will not enter your space without your permission. Pat only allows benevolent beings to participate in these processes; she blocks any dark energy that might try to enter in. Once invited, the ETs will stay with you and aid in your healing until the issue is resolved.

Invite healing. Contact Pat today.

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