ETs are Here for You… in a good way. ET Healing with Alchemy Universal Therapies

Pat Forbes remembers being a small girl riding on ships with aliens. “I have very clear memories of being four or five years old, taking lessons from these insect-like creatures. I was sitting in a desk looking at the front of the room at charts and books they were pointing to with their many, many arms.”

What did they want? She says, “To teach me.” And what is their intention for the rest of us? “The ones I work with don’t want our planet to be destroyed. They want us to heal and move forward instead of moving backwards and falling into darkness.”

As Pat has grown in her understanding of ETs, their image has evolved. She now sees them as irridescent human-shaped beings. “These days I see them more as shiny, etherial beings that carry a certain code. It looks like angelic writing all over them. This code they carry pertains to our work.”

What does this mean for you? It means that there is an entire universe of possibility waiting for you to embrace truth, release your stumbling blocks, and be an active part in healing the world.

ET healing could be your path to peace. Schedule an appointment with Pat today.

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