ETs get a head start on your ET healing

When you make a healing appointment with Pat and set the time and terms, her ET Healing team from the Galactic Federation of Light move ahead and get started even before the first session. “They start getting everything in place so we can do the work. If the person is in pain, the pain starts going away right then,” Pat says.

Then, on first connection in session, the ETs can show Pat what is wrong and how best to target the situation. Pat says the process works no matter where the client is in the world because consent and intention facilitates the opening of a vortex in her healing room. Through this vortex she can invite the ETs, your guides and angels, and a connection directly with you. The ETs are doing most of the work. Sometimes there are several called to come. “My room seems to expand to hold however many beings need to be involved. Earlier this week, there were six beings shining and full of light – all there to help my client.”

ETs are there to help you. Just ask Pat.

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