ET Energy Healing Techniques

11 Star Knowledge lecture 2015One of my gifts is that I use a very unique set of energy healing techniques. These are actually conscious healing technologies using Light and Information with the assistance of my ET helpers and guides.

These beings of 100% light and love bring with them information and light from the other galaxies and universes in order to help heal humans and Earth. They do it because these beings, of the Galactic Federation of Light, have a more clear understanding than humans do of the interconnectedness of all things. They know that what happens on Earth and to Earth effects every being in the Universe and beyond.

These benevolent beings have a broader perspective than humans do and they also have conscious quantum technologies that humans haven’t yet had access too until now. Knowledge is being downloaded to specific healers, such as myself. These technologies are just being made available to humans through ET energy healing techniques.

Image by Seth A Dennon,

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