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Enter the Divine Money Portal through Law of Attraction Meditation Activation and manifest abundance in your life.

Today I’m going to help you find an Avatar of your own to ride through the Divine Money Portal. An Avatar can be anything you envision. One will come to you and will serve you as you travel through the Divine Money Portal. Some of you already have spirit animals, these may or may not be your Avatars. Whatever appears is meant for this journey. Accept it and mount it with gratitude.

First, I will do a little balancing of your field as yesterday was a huge clearing. Take a moment to breathe. I had noticed that some of you were experiencing some physical releasing of the old programing codes we encountered. This is very good. However, it caused some of you to go back to the beginning of the Portal wondering if this will be worth the ride. I assure you that it is safe and the rewards will be wonderful. Take a deep breath and prepare for a new adventure.

It is time to mount up! Everyone is now entering the Divine Money Portal. There are a few of you taking your time to see what is ahead before you decide to participate completely. It’s okay. You will not need anything like Dramamine. We are all together now as we dive into the spinning funnel of the Divine Money Portal.

This is the beginning of month three activation of my 12-month Divine Money Portal Activation Law of Attraction meditation series. I invite you to join this ride as it will take you into other realms and resolve your money and abundance issues through all time and space. To get the most out of the series, you might want to complete all 12 meditations.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude

Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl