Energy vacuums and how to heal

Do you know those people who leave you feeling drained and exhausted? Like the schoolyard bully smacked you around and took your lunch money? Those people are energy vacuums. If possible, avoid hanging out with them. “No” is a perfectly acceptable answer to most questions that they ask you.

Occasionally your energy vacuums require the help of an Energy Healer. Pat Forbes once had a client who was married to her energy vacuum. The woman noticed that she would sleep all night and wake up more exhausted each day. In a vision, Pat was able to see what looked like tubes or cords coming off the husband and plugging right into his wife. “He clearly didn’t know how to run his own energy,” explains Pat. So, using Energy Healing, Pat took all the chords off the woman and removed the port that he was plugging into. Further, she placed the woman in a box to ward off leeches while she was asleep. Rest achieved, the woman is feeling much better these days.

Do you need an expert Energy Healer? Call Pat. She can help.

(970) 566-2402.

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