stop the triage

Energy healing techniques to stop the triage

stop the triage

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Are you someone who only gets a massage or goes to the chiropractor when you’re in pain? Do you only watch your diet when you’re feeling overweight? Do you only get your hair cut when it feels tangly and out of control?

Stop the triage madness folks.

I have a few clients like this. They only come in to see me for a healing session every so often when they have a big problem.

I love my clients and I love that they call me when they need help, but honestly, I’d rather get down to the core problem so you have a permanent transformation and don’t need me any more rather than just fixing one small issue until the next one pops up.

That’s why I offer the Intergalactic Healing Journey. It’s 6 sessions spread out over 3 months which gives you a continuum of healing during that time.

Why is this important and how does it help?

Well, when you come in because you’re experiencing a problem, that problem may be the issue that’s on the surface, but sometimes problems are layers deep.

To get to the core, we work through the layers.

Depending on what’s going on it may take us longer than the time we have in a single session to get to the root of the problem.

When you use a package, you ensure the time, space and commitment you need for healing everything and making a permanent change.

The other thing is that the energy healing techniques I use raise your vibration significantly.

When you experience deep, DNA-level change, it sometimes takes time for your third dimensional body to recalibrate and hold the higher vibrational frequency.

So, consider giving yourself the gift of an Intergalactic Healing Journey and let’s create the permanent, joyful, abundant transformation you desire the most!

If you can think it, feel it, believe it, anything is possible.

With the Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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