generational patterns

Energy healing techniques to remove generational patterns

generational patterns

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I wish more people knew the truth. So many people look for solutions to their problems, issues, and illnesses here in this lifetime and just within themselves—their own bodies, but we exist in a matrix as energy in different forms and so the problems we experience can stem from a lot of places outside our third dimensional existence.

For example, if you have a deep-seated fear about something—let’s say, being alone—and it seems irrational because you haven’t had any experience in your life where being alone was traumatic, it’s possible that you are carrying a traumatic emotional memory in your cellular DNA from a past experience (perhaps an ancestor had a trauma related to something like abandonment).

If that’s the case, there won’t be anything you can do in the “now” to heal that. You have to go back to the origin of the problem and heal it there to experience the wholeness and healing here.

In another example, maybe you have developed an illness of some kind—pain in a limb that never was injured, or a chronic cough that came out of seemingly nowhere. Again, if you can’t find relief for these issues, it’s probably because they didn’t start here and you have to go back to the origin to heal it there.

If you have an ancestor who was beaten that resulted in a broken leg, your ancestor carried emotional trauma from that experience and that cellular memory may have been passed forward to each subsequent generation.

In that case, each generation will be triggered by something in their life that causes that pain to appear because the emotional trauma will have been awakened.

There are energy healing techniques we can do to heal these generational patterns and break the curse that’s causing you pain. As a medical intuitive and psychic healer, I am shown the cause of your problem and the exact healing needed to change the pattern.

For problems nobody else has been able to fix, I can help. Book a healing session today.

With the Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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