food sensitivities

Energy healing techniques to relieve food sensitivities

food sensitivities

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Have you developed food sensitivities from out of nowhere? Or are you experiencing unexplained bloating, constipation, acne, rashes, foggy headedness, allergies, fatigue, inflammation, eye problems, headaches, anxiety or something worse? You might have food sensitivities.

Unfortunately, so much of our food has been cursed since the invention of GMOs and we have suffered greatly because of it.

Luckily, there is a powerful healing technique to, not only help release and heal our bodies from poisonous GMOs and any other food sensitivities, but also heal the seeds that grow the food.

One of the energy healing techniques I use for this is Cell Organ Regeneration—getting to the CORe where changes can be made.

This information is based on quantum physics, on how to access the field of the heart through specific words that are like a magnified prayer.

There’s a lot of information about the Field of the Heart, but what’s most important about it is to let yourself feel deeply and happily from your heart. All healing is from the Heart Field connecting with the Creator.

So when we do the CORe process for healing food sensitivities and GMO clearing, we first connect to the Heart Field through the Creator and create an intention for the healing to occur.

Then we time travel to before our first experience with whatever has caused us the food sensitivity and we instruct our bodies and systems to make a different choice regarding the processing of destructive foods.

We declare our DNA clear of any negative impact and reset it to the Creator’s standard of health. We allow our hearts to fill with love and gratitude for the healing.

By changing the past, we change the present and experience healing in the “now.” The full process is available as a free gift on my website by clicking here. If you need further help restoring your health, book a session with me.

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