time travel

Energy healing techniques that time travel out of Colorado

time travel

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For time travel you need some high tech equipment. A DeLorean works best—and whatever you do, make sure your flux capacitor is working correctly before attempting a time jump!

Ok, just kidding. It’s not all that complicated really.

Have you ever caught yourself day dreaming about being at the beach or your favorite vacation getaway? And in your day dream, the memories are so vividly clear it’s like you’re back there right now? And your heart beats a little bit faster while you remember the fun you had? You find yourself smiling wildly at remembering the pleasure?

You have just time traveled back to where a favorite memory was created. The only “equipment” necessary is consciousness and all the work takes place in your mind.

You can use this same technique to travel back to the origin of a problem you’re having and heal it there before it ever happened.

Just like in the movie Back to the Future, when Marty McFly travels to the past and changes what happened then, he inevitably changes the present and future as well. The same thing happens when you time travel back to the source of your dis-ease and apply energy healing techniques to it there. The past is changed which then transforms everything going forward from that point.

For this work to be successful there are some key elements to remember. You are creating a conscious connection directly with the Creator, with the Heart Field, setting a clear intention for healing at the source, believing that it is possible and know that it is done when you ask, then expressing your gratitude to the Creator for your healing.

This work can be done in a healing session with me. If you can think it, you can create it. Let’s create your perfectly healed you together. Contact me at pat4bs@msn.com or 970-566-2402 to book your hands on healing session in Colorado or a distance healing session on phone or Skype today.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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