Your original blueprint

Energy healing techniques that restore your original blueprint

Your original blueprint

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When people come to me for sessions they’re usually experiencing a variety of symptoms that leads them to believe that something is wrong with them—that they have an illness.

What they really have is a dysfunctional belief pattern somewhere in their DNA or lineage that is keeping them hooked onto the morphic field of vibration for that pattern.

In other words, if a doctor tells you that you have irritable bowel syndrome and you allow yourself to receive and identify with that label, you have been cursed and a dysfunctional belief pattern has now lodged in your energy fields.

This belief pattern syncs up with the morphic field for IBS and you get magnetized to it—stuck there—because your vibration now matches its vibration.

When I do energy healing techniques on clients, I don’t cure them of their illness. Healing means restoring the balance and returning them to wholeness.

One of the ways that I help people heal is that I (re)create the person as they were meant to be before an illness or problem was created. That is, synchronizing them with their original blueprint that was created with Love by the Creator.

To do this, I go to the point of origin—the place right before the curse, illness, or disease to their original inherited DNA (the original blueprint), and I send that perfect DNA through all time, dimensions, galaxies, ancestral lines and lifetimes so that all everyone with that DNA experiences the shift of it to the original blueprint.

When we do this, the problem then no longer exists. In this scenario, once the correction happens, it then never existed. It can be a lot to wrap your head around, I know.

That’s why I offer Quantum Consciousness Healing—so that illness and disease can be erased and you can live in full radiant vibrance.

Do you have an illness or disease that you would like erased? Share with me in the comments so I can help you get the healing you need.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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