Energy Healing Techniques Source: I am 97% ET and 3% Human

new 21Would you like to know the source of my enhanced energy healing techniques?

I am 97% Extra Terrestrial being, three percent human.

During an hypnosis session this spring I was able to see my own conception. I was spliced from Arcturians, Antarians, Pleiadians and Sirians from Sirius B, and Andromedan DNA, or genetic material, and combined with the fertilized egg from my parents within my mother’s womb.

I saw the syringe full of a liquid, genetic material and DNA from at least those four planets from our Galaxy. I knew there was someone controlling it as the needle came near the single cell that had just been fertilized by Mom & Dad of Earth. There was also a wafer thin, square sheet of Andromedan genetic substance, made up of four of the seven Andromedan planets, coming into the single cell at simultaneously. It was absorbed at the exact same time as the cell did its first division.

During the hypnosis session, I heard the words – you were spliced in – not walked in. It felt fine, there was no drama to it.

I work with an Extra-Terrestrial team from the Galactic Federation of Light, of the Ashtar Command. As such my energy healing techniques are part of my genetic makeup and my clients reap the benefits.

Image courtesy of NASA

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