Energy Healing Techniques Results

new4I’m often asked what Alchemy Universal Therapies can do in terms of

healing results with the energy healing techniques. This is an excellent

question, as we know that we only want to work with those

practitioners who can achieve health and wholeness for their clients

and themselves.

First, my clients are being helped immediately upon making an

appointment and creating an intention toward seeking help from me.

Often the results are so improved by the time my client actually gets on

the phone with me, or begins an email exchange, that it appears to be a

miracle. And it is a miracle. Miracles happen in every area of my clients’

lives immediately. To experience this I have a 3 month package at a

greatly reduced rate for you to begin your healing journey, just lick the

Intergalactic Healing Package button on the sidebar for more


Image courtesy of NASA

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