Energy Healing Techniques Origination of Dis-Function

new15When we go back to the origin of the problem—the moment when the

dis-function was created—either through a belief or a pattern that

manifests physically—we change the outcome for the entire person.

One example would be finances. One of my clients had a curse put on the

family several generations back. When we used energy healing techniques on the original event

that resulted in financial disaster for this family, generation after

generation, suddenly their finances improved.

Also with health there is a correlation between belief and physical

manifestation of dis-ease. A person suffering from heart problems may

have a belief that they are unlovable or that no one loves them, causing

restriction in their heart organ. Or they may be so angry and resentful

that they can no longer feel love in their heart, causing the heart to fail.

Or the belief within a family structure can be so strong that the fear of it

will bring them into the living out the dis-ease pattern. One of those

beliefs is where perhaps a grandparent has “heart problems” and died of

it, then the father has heart problems, so of course the next and the next

generation will also have heart problems.

When I help them change the belief or feeling which is keeping them in

the dis-ease pattern the problem eliminates itself, resulting in better


Image courtesy of NASA

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