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Energy Healing techniques for the future

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You can do energy healing techniques on yourself or others in the “now” as well as in the past. You can send healing to the past in this lifetime, to a past life, or to an ancestor. You can also send healing from where you are across the room, across town, to other countries, across the planet, and in fact, across galaxies.

There is no limit to when and where healing energy can be sent or directed. So, it makes sense as well that you can send energy healing to the future. The future is nothing more than the state of all possibilities.

What is a future outcome you are looking for? Are you interviewing for a new job that you want? Do you have an upcoming performance that you want to nail? Are you getting married soon? Do you have a medical procedure, travel, or birth of a child coming up? Will you be appearing in court, making a major purchase or sale, or taking an exam?


For any possible future scenarios you might have, you can get into your Heart Field,  time travel forward to that event and send energy healing there. You can send healing to the situation, to other involved parties, to an outcome, to yourself, to flight crew, to judges, to medical staff, to relationships—to anything you can imagine.

You can shape the energy to get the outcome you want.

If you can think it, feel it, believe it, anything is possible. All it takes is the faith of a mustard seed and transformation can occur in an instant.

What future situation do you have coming up that you would like assistance with? What outcome do you want?

Let me know in the comments below so that I can help you get what you desire.

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