empaths need protection

Energy healing techniques for Colorado empaths

empaths need protection

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For the purposes of this article, empathy means the tendency to take on the feelings and emotions of others.Empaths (who don’t know how to manage this gift) soak up emotions and feelings like a sponge. When you walk into a room where there’s been a recent argument, you soak up the energy and your mood tanks quickly.

If you visit a friend who is heartbroken, you start feeling depressed.

You might even feel phantom pains when you’re around someone else who has pain. Has your knee or arm ever hurt after someone else tells you their knee or arm hurts? (This is a form of clairsentience. You can use this to your benefit)

Likewise, if you meet up with somebody who’s happy and energetic, you’ll perk right up too. While you don’t want to be falsely feeling someone else’s feelings as your own, this one doesn’t tend to cause people noticeable problems (unless, of course, your emotions are going up and down like a roller coaster).

Low vibrational emotions, however, are contagious for empaths and can cause you a lot of trouble.

There are some simple energy healing techniques you can begin to practice for protecting yourself. Here are 3 ways you can protect yourself from taking on the emotions of others:

1) Call in your guides and angelsto guard you throughout the day. This is important all day—not just when doing healing work with clients.

2) Say a prayer for spiritual protection and cleansing when you go to sleep at night so that you are protected in all realms. This can be used for all-day protection too.

3) Clear energy from your third eye (the psychic vision portal) and your heart.

These are good techniques to get you started, but I have found that they are no longer enough as we are moving into multi-dimensional beings. To learn advanced protection techniques contact me at pat4bs@msn.com or 970-566-2402. Appointments available locally in Colorado or via phone/Skype.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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