accidents and injuries are bad for your energy

Energy Healing Techniques for Accidents & Injuries

accidents and injuries are bad for your energy

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If you’ve ever experienced a fall, slamming your hand in the door, a car crash or twisting your ankle, then you know how painful those types of accidents can be to your body.

But did you know they can also injure your energy body too? Yes, they can!

Anything traumatic that happens to your physical body can jar something loose from your past – even from past lives. The result can be out-of-control emotions, feeling stuck like you just can’t move ahead, depressed feelings, low energy that just won’t rejuvenate no matter how much sleep you get.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs and you realize they started right around the time of having any sort of accident – even something minor like bumping your head – then it’s time to visit your spiritual healer to receive some rejuvenate and renew your spiritual energy body.

While a doctor will help you heal your body, your healer will use special energy healing techniques that help to heal your spirit and energy body bringing you back into alignment and balance, and overall, helping you to energetically feel better.

After a few energy healing sessions with an energy healer you trust, you can experience increased energy, more joy, and an overall sense of lightness in your heart. Your inner light will radiate out into the world once again.

So, just like you would visit the doctor to cast a broken ankle or stitch you up after a nasty cut, so too should you visit your energy healer to help you heal your energy body and bring you back into a state of balance, wholeness, and light.

Are you experiencing unexplained heaviness in your energy, tiredness that you can’t shake, or feeling depressed for unknown reasons? Have you recently experienced an accident? Let me know in the comments below so I can help you find the healing and peace you deserve.

With Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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