Have a happy stomach

Energy healing techniques for a Colorado trainer’s stomach ache

Have a happy stomach

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I thought I would share with you a little bit about how things work for me. Energy healing can seem mysterious so explaining what I can might help you to understand how it could benefit your life too.

I was at the gym recently with my trainer trying to work out, but his stomach kept getting my attention (this happens a lot—not his stomach, but other people’s problems start shouting at me to fix them. I just have to turn them off). So I asked him what was going on. He looked at me funny and said that they had had a chili cook off that day and he wasn’t feeling well.

I asked “Do you mind me fixing your stomach so we can get on with this?”

He said “No, go ahead. It can’t get any worse.”

So, I used Quantum and Consciousness energy healing techniques on him. I took a deep breath, connected with my heart, then in my head, I visualized reaching into the Universe where I found what his stomach needed for that moment to settle down. I inserted it into his stomach and activated it to help him heal.

It helped for a while, then I heard again that it needed something else and I told him so. This time, again in my mind, I created a plasma ball from the quantum field of energy that surrounds him and asked the Universe what he needed.

I was told to move my hand, holding the plasma ball to a certain area away from him and just hold it there a moment. I saw it being filled with Light and Information needed to bring his digestive system back to normal. Then I sent it into his abdomen, asked for it to turn on and assimilate.

Moments later he was feeling much better and we completed the workout without any more talking from his stomach!

I love doing this work to help people feel their best. There is no problem too big or too small that energy healing work can’t help. Schedule your customized session in Colorado or by phone/Skype.

With the Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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