Energy Healing Techniques are More Effective with ET Assistance

newalien1Because ETs have consciously chosen to bring Light and Information to

Earth for the purpose of healing humans and the Earth itself, they

sometimes participate in my energy healing techniques. In fact, much of

the development of the Alchemy Universal Modalities energy healing

techniques are a result of ETs downloading information to me so that I

may help my clients reach a state of health and balance.

For me, it’s a natural fact of my life, having had contact with my ET

brothers and sisters from the Galactic Federation of Light since

childhood. I could naturally heal animals and people around me, even as

a child.

As I began my healing practice with massage 20 years ago I learned to

trust my ET helpers and guides as they assisted me while my clients

were on my table and the results were miraculous.

This has been a tremendous learning process for me and I love to use it

to help others in their own healing journey. I now love teaching these

energy healing techniques to others.

Image by Seth A Dennon,


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