Energy Healing Modalities for the 21st Century

Pat specializes in Quantum Consciousness forms of energy healing. Cellular Organ Regeneration, Universal White Time Healing, and Emotion Code all weave into her practice. One of her favorites to use and teach is Matrix Energetics.

Matrix Energetics is a heart-centered consciousness technology with miraculous healing and transformational properties. This modality is founded on the belief that our bodies are made up exclusively of light and information. Since disease is, in essence, a disturbance within the body that impairs communication at the cellular level, the application of Matrix Energetics technology re-establishes the flow of biological information, therefore allowing the body to repair itself.

It works anywhere in the world and Pat can find the information your body needs anywhere in the universe. These modalities are especially helpful in healing the chronic stuff that you can’t seem to shake or heal with medicines.

She offers Matrix Energetics Energy Healing in her individual healing sessions. Check her schedule a session today.

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