Energy Healing Hits Modern Life Woes at the Source

Sleeplessness. Chronic pain. Anxiety. The kinds of ailments caused by modern-day life are good ones to bring to an Energy Healer. Those are the sorts of issues that really play havoc with your energy and spiritual vitality. Doing too much without rest can cause blockages and stagnancies that are hard to reset on your own.

When Pat Forbes tackles this issue, she helps flow energy to this problem spots. After a treatment, she will suggest some self care routines that can help you maintain your centeredness. And that’s key. “Ideally, that person will take the time to clear their body, and set their intentions on a daily basis. They need to be in tune with their body and their life. That way they can recognize when something is out of balance,” she says. Ultimately clients can learn to avoid trouble or clear it before it becomes a major problem.

Pat offers individualized healing sessions and workshops on Matrix Energetics or Cellular Organ Regeneration so you can learn to heal yourself. Check her schedule today.

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