Reverse GMO damage

Energy healing courses in Fort Collins to negate GMO foods from your body

Reverse GMO damage

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GMOs and toxic chemicals are killing us. Even if you eat organic, GMO foods are everywhere and it’s impossible to avoid them completely.

Luckily we have energy healing techniques available at our fingertips! Using Universal and Quantum healing techniques, I developed a 3-step process to clear our bodies, our food, and the seeds that grow the food from GMO poisons.

Step 1: Get into your Heart Field

The first and most important step is to get into the ‘field of the heart’. When you are in your heart space—the field of the heart—where you experience true Love and Joy, you can make anything happen and that’s the energy we will use to clear the GMOs. All true healing is from the Heart Field connecting with the Creator.


Step 2: Heal the body & restore health

Once we’re in the Heart Field, the next step is to reset ourselves to the Creator’s standard of health. We go back in time before we first ingested GMOs and we declare that our bodies make a different choice that doesn’t allow the GMO to permeate our cells or negatively affect our DNA in any way. We bring that change forward into now and release any effects of GMOs from our systems that we’ve experienced.

Step 3: Express Gratitude

Finally, we thank the Creator. It is being in the state of gratitude that completes the circuit of the connection for the healing process to occur.

You can also complete these 3 steps to heal GMO seeds before they are planted.

I’ve created energy healing courses in Fort Collins to teach you this exact process. They are available by having a session with me, in my exclusive healer training program, or by attending my workshops. Contact me at or 970-566-2402 to find out how to rid yourself of GMO toxicities once and for all.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude

Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl
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