how to fix traffic

Energy healing courses: the secret technique to fix a traffic jam

how to fix traffic

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I was a cowgirl growing up. A real one—on a ranch doing cattle drives every summer with my family.

One of my favorite memories was singing Rawhide and hearing that bullwhip from the song crack in my mind as we were driving the cattle. I loved a lot of the cattle drive, but the love and joy I felt when we’d sing that song sticks out to me most. It was one of my earliest lessons on getting into my heart space.

Fast forward many years… I realized I could move slow traffic.

Rawhide would pop into my head flooding my heart with that fun, loving memory.

While it was playing in my head I would see a shiny, golden bullwhip reaching out to the car ahead that was slowing down traffic. It would crack over the heads of the other drivers spraying shiny sparks on them saying Wake up! Pay attention! Stop rubbernecking! Put down your cell phone and drive!

Before I knew it, traffic would be moving right along again and I’d get to my destination in plenty of time.

Now my grandson moves traffic too. He likes to sing that song that says ‘I like to move it, move it!’ He gets really animated as he sings and I taught him to hold a wand toward the traffic that sends waves of positive energy to the other drivers. It doesn’t take long for him to do his “magic” and traffic opens right up.

You can do this too. The key is staying out of “Oh Crap, Rush Hour Traffic!” “Road Rage”, “I am going to be late!”

Get out of the anger, victim consciousness. Stay in the moment of FUN, JOY, LOVE, GRATITUDE! That’s the state of being in the Field of the Heart and the secret for how you create what you want.

To learn about upcoming energy healing courses, contact me at or 970-566-2402 for details.

The Cosmic Cowgirl rides again!
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