ETs, guides, angels, light beings

Energy Healing courses that teach you to work with Guides, Angels, and ETs

ETs, guides, angels, light beings

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You are probably familiar with spirit guides and angels, but did you know there are ETs of 100% Light and Love who are able, willing, and eager to help you with healing work?

Whether that’s your own personal healing, or as a healer working on your clients, your guides, angels, and ETs are happy to help however you need it.

Guides are our spirit guides who are with us all the time—some throughout our life and some come and go as we need them.

We also have angels and guardian angels who protect us and travel with us as we move about.

The ETs who assist Earth-bound healers have volunteered to help because they understand how we are all connected through the web of the Universe, and that anything that happens to one person affects everyone and the planet.

So, healing one person brings healing to the planet!

So what does it mean to work with these types of guides? Well, let me give you an example.

I recently met a man in a workshop I was teaching on activating the chakra system as it should be.

He was having trouble with the new chakra activations in his head.

I was shown that he had head injuries earlier in his life. I made some adjustments for him and he was then able to activate, balance, and harmonize like the others in the class.

The next day, he had a headache so I worked on him a bit more.

I was shown that he had an implant. I asked if it was ok to remove it. He said yes, but some psychic implants can be booby trapped (I saw that this one was) so I knew not to take this one on myself.

I called in my ET healing team do the work. They turned off the implant and removed it from the planet.

I did a bit of cranial sacral work on him to recalibrate his electromagnetic field.

Immediately he felt relief! He said he felt his brain turn on more than he had experienced before and his headache was gone.

Working with ETs in this way brings a deeper and lasting kind of healing to you and your clients.

I teach energy healing courses like this and many others. For more information, visit Energy School or contact me at or 970-566-2402 for more info.

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