Energy Healing Courses, A Soul Purpose

newest21If you’re looking for Energy Healing Courses, then you’re being called to your Soul’s Purpose. The average, day to day person doesn’t even know about energy, let alone feel called to become a healer.

If you’re reading this post, you’re being called. Called to the time-honored healing arts. Called to serve the Earth and Humanity. Called to the greater good of Spirit, to help and serve a specific purpose, one that you probably chose to come here to do.

It is my honor to help other healers develop their skills as healers. I am called to this purpose myself and I know how isolating and scary it can be to just begin in these other realms and in the vast dimensions. I know how to help you protect yourself in these realms and I know how to help you harness the gifts that course through your brain and your psyche and your hands. Taking Alchemy Universal Therapies Energy Healing Courses can be a pivotal path in your own Soul’s Purpose.

Answer the call.

If you have any questions about this, please email me at I’m always happy to support you.

Image courtesy of NASA

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