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newest4Did you know that your feelings might not really be your feelings? Feelings are

really energy, and energy moves as if it’s contagious. In fact, many energies are

actually conscious on some level, so they might be called entities. The feeling of

emotion, for instance, might have such force and power that it would be a conscious

entity holding you in a pattern that isn’t even about you or a result of your own


It can be a frightening thought that you could be angry because you brushed up

against an angry person, or an angry entity while you were sleeping. But, it happens.

You always have to be conscious of providing yourself spiritual protection and

spiritual cleansing of your energetic body.

As you go to sleep at night you can say, “protect me in all realms, so that I not pick

up any energies that are not my own for my highest good.”

And as you return from for a networking event, where much energy has been

expended among many participants, you can hold your finger on your third-eye area

and say, “I release all energy not my own and not for my highest good. I release any

and all energy picked up at that event.”

This will help you experience your life much more peacefully and you’ll be far

“clearer” energetically as a healer. I’ll be teaching many of these methods in my

Energy Healing Courses.

If you have any questions about this, please email me at I’m

always happy to support you.

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