curse of the doctor

Energy healing courses: is your Colorado doctor putting a curse on you?

curse of the doctor

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Western medicine has been a wonderful addition to health and healing in many ways, but there’s one area where it can cause big problems.

The process of diagnosing a person actually puts a curse on that person. It starts when a group of symptoms is given a disease name. Then you go to the doctor with those symptoms and he gives you a diagnosis of that disease.

You have just been cursed. Here’s how.

There’s a morphic field for each disease. It carries the distinct vibration of that disease.

When you are given a diagnosis of a disease, it is stating a fact that creates a belief in you that hooks you into the morphic field for that disease. You’re now stuck to that vibration because of your belief of having that disease.
The Cell Organ Regeneration (aka CORe) process is a technology of how a body can heal itself when given the opportunity to step out of the old belief of being what the disease says you are. The diagnosis is simply a state of dysfunction in the moment.
The CORe process is based on Russian studies by spiritual scientists who used individuals with conditions that were documented in the medical system. These individuals had body parts that had been removed, such as a kidney, uterus, or tooth.

They then used what I call and created as the CORe process on the individuals and documented these missing body parts as growing back.

Miraculous, I know, but true! The fact that these cases were documented in a medical setting is wonderful.

This is one of many energy healing courses I have studied in depth, and I now teach this technology in my healer apprenticeship program here in Colorado or abroad.

To learn more about the program or for an application, please contact me at or 970-566-2402

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude

Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl
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