the Cosmic Shaman

Energy Healing courses in Fort Collins: the cosmic shaman

the Cosmic Shaman

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In traditional times, a shaman was the ancient medicine man for native americans and indigenous tribes around the world. Shamans are powerful healers who worked on behalf of both individuals and the entire village.

A shaman does his or her work in a dream or trance-like state traveling psychically to the lower, middle, and upper worlds to find the healing a person needs by working with plant, animal, and “human” spirits.

Shamans call on the spirits in the other worlds to help the person (the client) in need. These spirits help to restore the client’s Soul to wholeness. In the old days, helping the client in turn helped the entire village as it returned the person to a state of full and effective functioning.

There’s a new era that we’ve entered into now where there are spiritual healing practitioners doing this kind of work but on a cosmic level. I have been told that I am one of them and it makes sense.

Some of the main work I do is consciousness work—working with the ETs or guides on the frequency that is of complete Truth. There is no room for the dark to get in. It is completely benevolent.

Just like the traditional shamans summon the spirits and create the work between the worlds, I work with ETs, Angels, spiritual guides and the Creator between the Star worlds and the Earth plane to bridge them together and bring healing to my clients.

This is how I do my work in sessions with clients, and also how I teach my students. This and other advanced energy healing courses are taught locally in Fort Collins, CO, via teleconference, or through distance learning in my Alchemy Universal Therapies Apprenticeship Program.

For more information and to start your journey as a healer, contact me at or 970-566-2402. We will set up an interview and get started.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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