how to break a curse

Energy healing courses: how to break a curse

how to break a curse

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Believe it or not, curses are not just something fictional from scary movies of the past. They exist today in many ways.

One of the ways they exist is from your long lost past. An ancestor somewhere along the line was cursed and that curse has been imprinted into your DNA lineage so that you will still be affected by it today—and your children and grandchildren will as well. If a curse is not “broken” (we’ll get to that in a minute), it will continue through all generations.

Another way that you may be cursed today is by your doctor. Not in a voodoo sort of way, but by naming a group of symptoms into a disease and assigning that disease to you. That hooks you into the Morphic field of that disease and changes your vibration to match that of the disease so that you attract it more strongly.

Either way, the curse must be removed in order for you to heal.

I don’t actually break curses—that is the old human verbiage. I go back to a time before the curse was placed on the individual when the DNA was healthy and complete, take that DNA and send it out across all generations forward and backward, so that now my client is no longer affected by a curse (nor will future generations be).

What happens then is that whatever symptoms the client was experiencing due to the low vibration of the curse will be gone because the client has been detached from the Morphic field and the vibration has begun rising.

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