Energy Healing Courses, Hands-On versus Virtual

newest18The thing about energy is that it is not restricted or confined by matter. As our digital era has advanced so rapidly it’s become possible for large corporations, such as HP, which is in my hometown, to have thousands of employees all over the globe.

This is very advantageous to the company as they can hire a local salesperson to work with a local community and still meet virtually through teleconferences and webinars without losing the personal contact.

Essentially, they are using energy to run the company by using the digital communication mediums that we’ve learned to harness and manipulate with the last few decades of technological advancement.

It’s the same with the healing arts and taking Energy Healing Courses. With modern technology’s ability to allow energy to flow through communication systems of webinars and teleconferences and email there is no limit to who can learn the latest energy healing methods.

If you have any questions about this, please email me at I’m always happy to support you.

Image courtesy of NASA

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